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    2012 is the year of Information technology all popular websites like Google,Facebook are making there site look more demanding with latest technology this is the reason why Google completely changed looks of there products i.e YouTube , Blogger and even renamed Android Market to Google Play Store.Google not only changed the looks of there old products but also introduced Google Plus which become the true competitor of Facebook.Even Facebook try to make some changes which was not as successful as Google but still they were pretty much extra ordinary.Facebook introduced timeline which has a most important feature and it is Scrollable Navigation bar
    Hacking Facebook Possible!!!
    Facebook is the most popular social networking website this is the reason why it is an ideal point for hackers to test there abilities.If you are thinking that Facebook is un-hackable then you are getting it all wrong,that was the golden time when we never worried about hacking but now as the time passes the world has changed dramatically and these days almost any thing can be hacked.Facebook has billions of registered users which still thinks they are protected as they are still believing Facebook account can't be hacked.
    Maximize Your WordPress Security
    Hacking is the most painful term if you are a publisher,Day in and day out hackers are finding the weakness in websites.If you don't take care of your website then it is quite obvious that you might become the victims of these unfriendly hackers.So you need to be prepared to avoid these threats and making sure to guard you WordPress Blog
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